Wohlmut Bonifac

Wohlmut Bonifac /Wohlmut Bonifaz/ (1510-1579)

Wolmut  Bonifac was born  around 1510  in  Überlingen  in  Baden, Germany.  He was a stonemason.   In 1532   Bonifac саme to Vienne and from 1534 started unsuccessfully  apply  for  the post of senior  master  in Prague  smelter  after the  B.  Ried. During  1539  he worked  for the imperial court  in Vienne which  in 1547 became a  Viennese Burgess.   He died  in 1579  in Prague
Major works of Wolmut Bonifac are:
in Vienne:

  • Construction of the Church. Stephen, the fortifications of the city and the construction of the Viennese castle (to r. 1554),
  • A large plan of the city of Vienna (1547, Aug. Hirschvogel s)

in Bohemia:

  • The late Renaissance Nelahozeves Castle   (1553),
  • Overall design modifications Prague Castle (1555 P. Ferrabosco and H.Tirolem) and,
  • Coauthor Star Summer Palace in Prague (1555-1556, G. M. Aostallim, Lucchese G. and H. Tirol)
  • Upper floor and roof of the summer palace of Queen Anne, Vol. Belvedere, near Prague Castle (1556-63) and close of tennis court (with H. Tirol)
  • Construction supervision and regulation at the royal buildings, especially in the castle of Poděbrady (1557-1578)
  • Plan for reconstruction of the chateau in Lysa nad Labem (1558, then built U. Aostalli)
  • Wohlmut choir in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague (1559-1561, in 1924 transferred to the northern arm of the transept)
  • Completion of the Old House of Representatives next to the Vladislav Hall at Prague Castle after a fire in r. 1541, especially masterpieces network circling the Gothic vaulted ceiling and stone judicial Tribune (1559-1564)
  • Renaissance House at the Two Golden Bears in Melantrichova Street. No. 475 in Prague (1559-1567)
  • Participation in the reconstruction of the eastern wing of the New Town Hall in Prague (after 1559)
  • Completion of the south tower of St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, ie. A Renaissance gallery with onion roof – helmet (1560-1562, H. Tirol)
  • Proposal for reconstruction of the Archbishop’s Palace in Prague us. Prague (1562 H. Tirol, construction was Aostalli U.)
  • Adalbert of Prague Castle, unique dynamic centrally designed buildings (1563-64, 1757-76 U. Aostallim realized later demolished)
  • Unique Ball Game Hall in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle (1567- 69, the U. Aostallim)
  • Lower castle gate Prague Castle (1568-1569)
  • Plan about Renaissance reconstruction of the church in Kralovice near Pilsen with built sepulchral chapel Griesbeck (1575-1581).

St. Vitus cathedralWohlmut Bonifac was the court builder of the Emperor Ferdinand I. He was one of the most famous architects of the late Gothic and early Renaissance period. Bonifac was inspired by classical antiquity and the morphology of the Italian Renaissance, especially his works were influenced by te Roman author, architect Marcus  Vitruvius  Pollio and the Italian architect Andrea Palladio. His masterpieces perfectly combine the art of the late Gothic stonework with a new design renaissance courage. Wolmut Bonifac is one of the first representatives of the Prague Renaissance created outstanding works, from which are to see at least the Summer-Belvedere (completion) and Star, Ball Game Hall and the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral.